Aigoual's Climate
The Aigoual Massif is the first mountain obstacle for the warm, damp winds coming up off the Mediterranean. Its high altitude makes it into a powerful condensation machine. Its 1567 metre summit is one of the wettest places in France.
The difference between the mountain's Northern and Southern slopes is striking, coinciding with the watershed. The very eroded Southern face is much steeper ; the mica and schist are more crumbly than granite, but precipitation from the Mediterranean is also much more violent than from the Atlantic. The Northern and Western slopes are gentler, covered with vegetation which absorbs more water. The wind is very strong on the completely exposed Aigoual summits.

Absolute record of temperatures minimum : - 28 °C.
bsolute maximum : + 28 °C.
ariation over 30 minutes : 6 °C.

Memorable bad weather

3rd, 4th, 5th February 1916 : Southern blizzard, impossible to go outside, the windows were shattered and the météo shelter was damaged. At least 1 metres 80 snow fell in two days ; this is an estimate, because the snow was blown around by the wind. On 4th February, the wind reached 73 metres a second, which is 260 kilometres an hour...

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