31st October 1963 : 607 millimetres rain fell in 24 hours.

4th and 5th December 1966 : Northern blizzard with deep frost, total thickness of up to 239 centimetres, with 120 centimetres in a 24 hours.

1st November 1968 : Hurricane from the South, the average wind speed over the whole day was 47.4 metres a second or 171 kilometres an hour, with gusts of more than 100 metres a second, that is 360 kilometres an hour. More than 200 millimetres of rain in 24 hours, with a great storm in the evening. The maximum wind speed was 67 metres a second or 241 kilometres an hour.

18th, 19th 20th February 1976 : Great snow storm, 316 millimetres of snow, with precipitation of 186.4 millimetres in 24 hours ; 1.86 metres of snow.

Winter 1995-1996 : The snowiest winter since records began in 1894, with a total of 10.39 metres of fresh snow, 12.4 metres in December, 2.67 metres in January, 4.69 metres in February (which is the record for one month) and 1.62 metres in March. That month, the depth of snow was 2.60 metres, with snow drifts of more than 8 metres.
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