Exhibition - The Meteorological Museum

Uniting extraordinary scenic beauty with extreme weather conditions, Météo France and the Communauté de communes of Aigoual are inviting you to this exhibition ; the meteorological museum and temporary exhibition space in the Observatory.
The first part of the exhibition is an introduction to the work of Météo France ; making observations, forecasting and the science of climatology. The meteorologists are available to talk about their work and answer your questions. Many graphic displays and photographs, items of equipment and a model explaining daily weather observation in 170 international centres explain the techniques used by meteorologists.
You can also see clouds evolving through satellite pictures, and discover the instruments in use, maps, climate statistics and different meteorological phenomena.

The second part is devoted to Mont Aigoual and its climate over the seasons. You will be entranced by 800 images of Mont Aigoual in spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as the video and the big screen slide presentation evoking living and working conditions at the Observatory...

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