The duty meteorologist checks the accuracy of automatic measurements;
countless inaccuracies are observed during periods of torrential rainfall or drifting snow, the rain gauges underestimating the precipitation. Every three hours he looks out at the clouds, the weather type and the visibility.
Apart from observations at specified times, messages have to be sent off as soon as a palpable deterioration in the weather can be felt ; snowstorms, increasing wind speed…
This is known as old style meteorology.
The automatic station lets us receive all kinds of satellite images and radar information, as well as the specialised maps needed to send out forecasts on a telecommunications network (R.E.T.I.M.).

Weather forecasting
Every hour, information gathered by all the world's meteorological stations or from satellites, weather balloons and marine buoys are gathered at Toulouse. The weather is analysed and maps indicating anticyclones, depressions and fronts crossing Europe are drawn up from this data...

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